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Canadian Singer/Songwriter Brett Kingswell     #musicthatmatters


My brother Sean, a 23 year firefighter with the London Fire

Department recently came to me with a fantastic idea.  With a

great adoration for a true Canadian legend, and a genuine concern

for the realities of cancer in his line of work, he had an idea to

co-write and release a song to honour the incredible journey and

lasting impact of Canada’s own Terry Fox.  Along with the concept,

he wrote some amazing lyrics that denoted Terry’s story, and we

got to work writing and recording the song “Like a Fox”.


Along with being a killer rock tune, it’s our hope that this song

willserve to remind ourselves, and our children of the importance

of Terry’s mission, and of cancer awareness, and why we continue to lace up our shoes, and celebrate his grit, courage and determination many years after his Marathon of Hope. 



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